Friday, October 11, 2013

Respect Yourself (GBE2 125)

Hey, Heidy and Howdy!  It’s your randy, dandy old time D.J. Harry Handy.  I'm looking at all you lovely GILF's populating my dreams. Today’s program is truly special for my geriatric group. I know you’ve been keeping with the Miley Cyrus thing?  Actually, I haven’t.  But whole affair centers around her cavorting nekkid across stages with various props and actors.  Kind of like this.

Actually, the subject is the lack of respect we old people get from the youngsters out in the world.  They say we are out of touch and irrelevant.  WHERE have we heard those words before?  Why out of our own mouths when we were that age and younger.  And we were LOUD!!

And we said the very same things to our parents and grandparents.  Don’t trust anyone over 30.  Give peace a chance! War is wrong! Well that still is the case, but I digress. 

Respect for yourself and others has taken a nosedive in this internet age. Take President Obama, for example.  He is a divisive personality.  You either love him or hate him.  In the old days, say with LBJ, you could call the person everything except a child of God, and the only people that heard you were those within earshot.  Even if you put pen to paper (yes, Kiddies, I still do it), the dirty laundry only went as far as the editor of what ever magazine you wrote to allowed it.

There are no editors anymore.  With a click, the opinion is out there for the world to see, with some anonymity to go with it.  Because we can’t see the person we are flinging our opinions at, there seems to be no consequence to being disrespectful or libelous.  So any Jack or Jill can say whatever about whomever.  They can call Mr. Obama a Communist, A Socialist or a Failed Darwin Experiment and get away with it because the reader can’t see the person posting the comment. And that, friends, is power. 

But you need to wear your asbestos underwear for the backlash that will come from those kind of comments.  You will be called an evil, traitorous scum that likes to watch puppies die, or worse.  Some will invite you to die a horrible death.  Still others will ask for your address.  THIS is when you run away. 

The best way to combat this is to start with yourself.  When you rage and type out a diatribe on the personal hygiene of someone, ask “Is this  worth it?”  It is as simple as that. 

And always, respect yourself. At least better than Miley does. 


  1. I honestly do try to live by the Golden Rule. I, personally, think those who sling hate like it was dirty laundry water should have to suffer the consequences of their hate filled words. Thank you, good post.

  2. While I am an opinionated woman, I am also a respectful woman. We may be on opposite sides of any issue and yet, remain friends.

  3. Couldn't have said it better, myself. And now I don't have to. :)