Monday, October 14, 2013

Greenwich on a Sunday Afternoon (Blogophilia 34.6)

Here we are
Meeting after so many years
Why so long?
I speak to my friends
In this new-fangled online market,
I have not set foot here in years
It's a lonely, lovely place,
I know.

Children scattered
To the four winds.
Not knowing whether
 they are alive.
Now I come to see you
A Sphinx.
Not sure why.
Maybe to bask in the silence
Of the relatives I never knew,
And the few I did.
Austen said
To look upon verdure
was the greatest refreshment.
But the oaks and moss
Only remind me 
Of past time wasted,
Time was supposed to explain.
Ain't no use complainin'
Time to move on.


  1. First! You speak of regrets and loss and misunderstanding. Moving on is always the best thing to do in such circumstances.
    8 Points Earthling! :)

  2. You should write poems more often. :)

  3. Reading this, a day after attending a family reunion, makes it all the more impactful, as if it really needed any help.
    You put a sad on me this time, boy.

  4. The internet captures us in ways that we are unprepared to discourage. The Loneliness in this write glows with sadness

    1. A commentary of the life lived as well as the destruction left behind.

  5. Always have to move on because the other choice seems sadder yet


    1. True. Can't fix anything else since they have left.

  6. I associate lonleiness with sadness and sometimes it's hard to move on. Or maybe I just enjoy the wallowing too much You captured the feelings well, as always

    1. In this case, wallowing is a good word. Not being able to fix things that should have been settled when they were alive.

  7. there is something to be said for a rolling stones advantage Christopher...
    its harder to hit a moving target with remorse of things done past, that was never resolved or even thought of in memories..
    Touching base like this and wallowing (Sue's word) in the knowledge of what might have been and people that have never figured in your life for a long time but not seen or heard of in ages, only shows you the value of a rolling stone my friend...
    God picks your relatives.. Thank God you can pick your own friends!!
    You have picked a subject that is close to my heart my friend... only I have no relatives alive apart from my two kids... so wallowing on what might have been serves little purpose in my book of life Christopher... so what is .., IS .. and what might have been is fantasy!
    Brilliant Ode ... I loved the way your wordage has such rhythm... you should do this more often pal... loved it Christopher .. :-)

  8. This be awesome kinda sad those .. :)

    1. Yeah, it is sad. Sad for the dead one and for the one still here.

  9. Eloquent and powerful. Feeling every word. Wonderful photo to accompany as well.

    1. It wasn't the photo I wanted (THAT one is lost in my computer drive somewhere), but the bench is a favorite place of mine. Bonaventure and Greenwich are among the prettiest of a cemeteries. The oaks and moss give a reverence not matched many other places.

  10. To be able to move on from this sadness...and still look and find your own "joy"...that is the miracle that is "you". Such a very poignant write--sad but hopeful...even optimistic...movement forward...does that! (demme)

  11. I feel the loneliness here and an inability to change what was. And I can so relate. Poignant and beautifully written.

  12. We go forward, but we don't always move on. Regret is such a lonely word. This was sad and beautiful all at once.

    Dahlia ~