Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sofa (Blogophilia 23.6)

There is a sofa 
At my wife's workplace
I wait there for her 
To finally be released off the register.

It is an evil place
Soft and cushy.
And a couple of pillows
To make you comfy.

After a long day of spreadsheets
And actuarial equations that 
Should put me to sleep.
But the sofa does better.

Dreaming of being the 
One singular sensation
As Paul Peter Rueben painting
The Three Graces

Or a house grander than
Ted Turner's abandoned boathouse
With maids and a butler
And chauffeur.

As good as Trevor's chair
This sofa is. Making want
To while away the day


  1. First!!! haha...

    Now that sounds like the perfect place to relax after a day spent plugging away at spreadsheets and equations! Rest easy, my friend! You earned it! :D

    1. I completely zone out. It's sad. Beer isn't even involved.

  2. After a couple hours (or less) of spreadsheets I have to find a reason to take a walk back to production. Or I'd be snoring for sure


    1. I wish there was production to go back to.

  3. Looks like a wonderful spot to rest the bones after a hard day at work. And I daresay, it looks even more comfortable than Trevor's chair. 8 points, Earthling!

  4. LOL as soon as I saw the pic I knew you'd have to mention Trevor - good use of prompts

  5. Seamless use of the prompts... and great write.


  6. WOW!!!... don't tell me my chair is an offspring of your wife's workplace sofa Christopher?... gezzzzzz... I wondered why I can't do my sums when I am in the chair... all maths become a jumbled mess in my head... LOL.. but I must confess I have never had a luxurious sleep like yours Chris... in my dream I don't get out of the beat up boat house at all pal... LOL.. I just showed the sofa to my chair.. its just said **MAMA!** ... in chair talk of course ... LOL... brilliant read Chris... love it pal :-)

  7. I doze off every time I sit down and that couch would be great! Loved the way you worked Trevor's chair into this! :)

    Blue fool

  8. Such a wonderfully inviting place to be as you describe it so eloquently. Awesome Blogophilia 23.6! ~barb k~

  9. We have one of the evil couches where I work. Seems every time I recline, the boss or owner pass by, and they often give me "that look" that implies, this is where I spend too much of my (what should be) quality time. Still, it calls out to me.

    signed: Myke

  10. I havn't read a blogophilia post in a long time...really enjoyed this, AGE!...Thomcat