Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On the sidewalk. (M Blank, Prompt #102)

Yeah.  Another day.  Can't say it wasn't productive.  You know, I really can hustle when I'm sober.  Carry a lot more, too.  Those Mexicans do know how to party and leave a huge mess for a guy like me to clean up.

Homeless?  Why, yes I am.  Thank you for asking.  How I got here is none of your damn business, though.  You are just like all those other do-gooder types.  Think I can't help where I am.  I do just fine.

Where I'm from ain't any of your business, either.  I got a life, just like you.  And I don't have to share it with nobody.

Now, Git!


  1. Thanks for leaving me the link to your story! I really enjoyed seeing what you did with the prompt. Your character has a fantastic voice and I love the last line.

  2. Love it!