Friday, May 17, 2013

Oh. (M_Blank #107)

"Hey, Jerry.  I really appreciate this." Mike said as they pulled up to the bungalow.  "I really don't know what got into Jane.  It was something had possessed her."

"No problem." Jerry said. "I was wondering when she was going to blow.  You know I saw her with that black guy at the end of the block."

"Yeah.  That why I really didn't feel bad when all that happened with Susan.  I was prepared to pack up and go, but not to have a knife thrown

"I think I would have called the cops."

"Nah, It wasn't worth it." Mike laughed as he shut the car door, "Susan more than made it up."

They came up the sidewalk, Jerry stopped to pet Hal, the long haired cat as he wound his way around his legs.   Mike rang the door bell and then stepped back.  He really wondered if it was really worth it to get the few things that were left. The last image he had was Jane's round, scarlet face surrounded by the mass of curls and the 8" carving knife burrowed into the door jam beside his right ear.

Jerry broke the memory.  "Think she's home?" 

He shrugged and rang again. No sound came from the other side of the door, so he gently tried the handle.  Giving easily, the door slowly swung open, giving the full view of her naked, bloody body on the couch.  The two men stepped back from the threshold in shock. 

Then without saying a word, Mike pulled out the phone and called 911.


  1. what was the prompt for this? it's good

  2. " A couple splits up and one moves out temporarily. When the exiled partner comes back to get their stuff, they find their ex dead on the couch."

    How does the character handle it. I picked up this on Google*. He/She releases way too many prompts at a time, but some of them are fun.

  3. This story makes me wonder about Mike... :P