Saturday, April 20, 2013

Buttons (Thrusday Bloghop)

The question this week is, which button would you push on your life?

Rewind?  Go back and relive something?  Or maybe fix it?  Why?  Those are the experiences that made you who you are. Would I go back and marry the other girl?  No. I wouldn't have gotten my two sons. 

Pause?  Every now and then this would be nice.  But that button is broken, too.  It just doesn't work to stay still.

Fast Forward.  Now, I have to admit THIS has uses.  Especially when dealing with unpleasant situations.  But you have to go through those anyway.  So you might as well keep goin.

What about that Eject button?  Since that stops the whole process, nobody would know how the story supposed to end.

So, the Play stays pushed.  And I keep going along. 


  1. I always enjoy your posts. Another nice one:))

  2. Much food for thought here...I guess we'll have to stick with 'Play'.

  3. Much to think about! I suppose each button has its uses! I like forward most of all, actually, but we need to rewind and pause once in a while too!

    1. If you rewind too much, you might break the tape.