Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8

A long time ago
In a place that still exists
The Concept of Instant Karma became real

A chance encounter?
Or  not?
On Central Park West

David met John
Only David walked away
From the strawberry stained scene.

The press screamed
And his widow cried
The friends were left to wonder why.

David, looking like Elmer Fudd
Chatted with the bag lady
While he awaited his fate.

And the rest of the world,
Not by premeditated choice
Were left wondering what it meant.

Now many years later
We still sit here
Waiting for our own Instant Karma to come.


  1. Hard to believe it's been over 30 years. I was at a party earlier today and realised many in the room were people I know 30 years. But Im not that old...

    by the way, I see you've changed your theme. It's a problem for people like me with bad eyes.

  2. we all play - the red is better