Friday, October 26, 2012

Lackadaisical-PRT 296

Inclination lacking,
Decline in daily tracking,
Affecting what there is of
My resolve. Enamored
With my best intentions,
Gathered and spent,
Seems my get up and go
Has got up and went.

Employment Gone,
Hang on
Let me get my bearings.
Is it day or night?
I really cant tell,
And my kids are
Following in my

Confusion Infusion,
Head is spinning,
Hair is thinning,
Life is marching on.

I sit here in my sadness
And like the Hatter in his madness,
I contemplate what's really going on

A life is gone,
replaced by one,
My heart is torn in two.

This life around me crumbles
With magnitude that humbles.

Sour stomach rumbles,
Mumbled resolutions, crumble.

Like the dreams of Daedalus,
Asking Alice, strikes of malice,
As the chalice, once brimmed
With hope and promise,
Stings my bone-dry kiss.

Sunburned wings hiss,
And melt with schemes amiss,
No longer flying, I tumble.

Icarus, in flaming bliss, a stumble,
A fiddle learned, a passion burned,
Ascent, descent, both in jumbles.

Lean grasshopper, riddled by airs,
Rejoin the fight for castles faire,
Replenish trees, diminish sorrows,
For fiddle-de-dee, forswears in time,
That finish on the morrow's line.


DJ Myke



Dave Raider