Makeup (Blogophilia 16.11)

She sits at the mirror
Hoping the date goes well.

He sits in the car
Wondering how he got here.

An odd situation it was
Melting wax sealing ruby slippers in the rain.

The reward is now.
A date.
And he doesn’t even know her name.

Stepping up to the doorbell
It rings
A bouquet of flowers answers.

Matching the red and yellow ones
In hand.
It sounds cheesy to me.

But smiles form simultaneously
From each
As they step into their futures.

Topic-Jay Sole
Pic Guesses: Primping (in blog), Ruby slippers (in blog), bouquet (in blog), big date, makeup (Blog title), Mirror on the wall.


  1. I am guessing this was a blind date, but I don't know... Odds are, there is a happy ending, of sorts, in the offing. That would be nice.


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