Monday, February 20, 2017

Season 10? (Blogophilia 1.10)

Congrats to Martien Ecrits and all of us in making ten years of writing.
Like we do at the beginning of every years, we introduce ourselves. My name is Christopher Mitchell, also known by my internet handle Another Government Employee, or A.G.E.. Several years ago, I was this guy:
I have since left government employment (by mutual consent) and now spend my time consulting on pension and payroll issues and writing nonsense as a hobby.
I started with Blogophilia in the middle of the 2nd season at the invitation of Spidey John (may he rest eternal). I had been a member of a couple of other groups (the Treehouse, Group Blogging Experience) and I began lurking around the crazy Martian’s shop. A MySpace invite later, I came in. My Space died and we moved over to Facebook and here we are. 
I am primarily a prose writer, but do run Free Verse from time to time. There are few topics I won’t write on. If something offends you? Well, sorry about that. Go find a cat video to watch. 
Think you have what it takes to write with us? What are you waiting for? We tend to be kind in our feedback. 
Looking forward to another exciting season. 
Oh, and if you are interested in my archives, most of them can be found at 

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