Thursday, February 16, 2017

Deadline (Blogophilia 52.9)

Dirt turned to mud
Cold March day
Ten days since food
Nothing left to lose

Guards starving
Missing the Deadline
The tide turning?
No way to know.

Fragile lives lost
To target shooters
In the frost
On our last stand.

Far side of the north wall
Tom’s Bounty sits
Promising solace for all
While heaven waits.

150 miles south of Atlanta stands Andersonville National Historic Site. Only a blank field with a small portion of stockade fence remains of one of the most horrific events of the Civil War, Camp Sumter. The term “Deadline” come from this place. It was a line 10-20 feet from the inner stockade fence. The guards had a “shoot to kill” order on any prisoner that crossed it, day or night. As many as 45000 Union soldiers were held there in the three years it was open. The death toll from disease, starvation and the infamous Deadline was upwards of 13,000.
As history is seeming to repeat itself, we would do well to relearn the lesson of failure this camp was.

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