Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Coffee Shop (Blogophilia 41.9)

"A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” 
The man pondered the quote over his coffee. So many of his friends had stumbled into this trap and he had spent most of his life trying to get away from it. But not with success. Alternating between spreadsheets and political discussions online, he felt he was at a crossroads. The world looked like it was ready to crash. More than half of his associates online were cheering it as if it were a show that wouldn’t affect them. He knew better.
Waddling up to the counter for a refill, he steps aside for a person of uncertain gender. This was a good example. In the old days, you never saw people that couldn’t make up their mind about it. They either were, or faked being a man or a woman. A certain comfort came from knowing men from women. Now, it seems, people want to play all the roles at the same time. But can’t do that, really. You only can occupy one space physically and mentally at a time. Oh, sure, you can try to change it. And maybe you’ll have some success, but not without major scars.
His mind began to race again. Thoughts of imaginary friends he could rescue from imaginary terrors. Fighting imaginary enemies for a few Shillings from an imaginary King, A reward of nights with the imaginary Princess, with a strong mind and even stronger passion, it causes real arousal in front of his real spouse, who can’t understand why he is squirming desperately.
The images have been strong. They keep him from sleeping well. What if I lose? My real person might end up in an imaginary prison of my own making. When he comes back to reality, the world still looks the same. He has not grown. The Uncertain Person still disturbs him, even though it is true they are just as much a Child of God as he. And the world still looks like it is going to crash.
He takes a final sip and realizes, yes, he was the man in the quote. He was another life wasted.

Pic Guesses: One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer. Brandy, One More From the Road, Uneasy Rider, It’s a Party, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, Let’s Get Drunk and Screw.

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