Sunday, February 14, 2016

When I Think of You. (Blogophilia 52.8)

Ah, so we are at the end of a full season and it happens to be Valentines Day, or in Twitterspeak VD. I have come to the conclusion that is Social Media’s role is to reduce all Human interaction to a Social Disease.
When the DiVinyl’s put out their song about touching, we all played along. We imagined being with our significant other, or maybe with another person because we were angry. Or sometimes, we just didn’t have a person with us and we have to just improvise.
When I think of you as readers, I wonder what are your preferences. Do you like risqué material? Dark and foreboding worlds where broken people hope for (and sometimes achieve) redemption? A literal take on the subject?
When you give me stellar feedback, I sometimes wonder if your glasses are dirty. When I read the text back, the words always seem empty and inadequate. Internal and external vampires work like butterflies in the mist to seal my lips and silence my voice sometimes. Yet, I continue to fight against them. Deep down, I know the words will never be enough. But they are enough for me.
And I hope, you as well.

Pic guesses: sealed lips (in blog), silenced, enemy, vampires (in blog), zipper, organization man, empty threat.
Special thanks to Beth Stachowiak for inspiration this week. Keep flipping off the vampires.


  1. After thinking this through... I do not have it in me to say "Good write." Remember when that was a thing at the other place we used to patrol? As such, when I read and subsequently leave commentary, there are some I struggle with, and others, like you, who inundate your posts with segues. I like segues. They open doors. Sometimes I offer deep, meaningful thoughts. Other times, I am borderline silly. Either way, you have my attention. Otherwise, I would say nothing at all.

    You just keep on writing what makes you happy. It has worked like a charm for you since I have known you. This is why I am here, plain and simple. Well, that and we are friends.

    1. I can understand. This was written almost completely off the cuff without much thought of beginning, middle and end. In short, I was lazy.