Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Endings (Blogophilia 1.9)

Moments like these stop the heart
Cause the world to take their part
In the memories of those past
Keeping them close and fast

Another death, another wake
Another casserole delivered for courtesy’s sake
Only time some of these socialize
Is to see who is left to size

Maybe now I’ll be seen as fit.
That’s my story, I’m sticking to it.

Photo-”Baldwin Angel” (c) 2016-Don Teuton, Savannah, GA USA. #bonaventuredon
This was a fun challenge.
I know I’m not suppose to guess, but Moments Like These was probably Deborah Truitt
Pic guesses: La Dolce Vita, Under The Tuscan Sun, Viva Zapata, Mediterranean Holiday, Zorba the Greek, The Villa,


  1. Brilliant, authentic, essential...
    I have been invited to far to more of these gatherings of late.
    Note: "...of late." ~ pun intended. I could not resist that.