Wednesday, December 9, 2015

You're Not Helping...

 Days after Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslims immigrating to the U.S., posters of the GOP candidate in front of a swastika began popping up around Atlanta, Georgia.

"Why do the Heathen rage?
And the people imagine a vain thing?"

The above is Psalm 2:1, for those of you who are not familiar. It seems to be appropriate for today's world. All sides appear to be heading for a collision, each side vainly thinking theirs is the only true and right way. Some using outright violence, others implied fear. The rest of us sheep stuck in the middle hoping not to get caught in the crossfire.

Let us pray.

EDIT: After I posted this, I found this little gem.

Ann Coulter Interview

Mind you, it is third party edited hearsay. But it really does illustrate both the rage and the vanity of the political class.

Pharisees...all of them.

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