Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nightmare (Blogophilia 47.7)

Blinding light … Intense heat flashed across her face as she turned toward the noise, a car splintering into pieces along with the people around it.  A body was hurled into the tree…

The dull thud of impact woke her, sweat pouring from her face. The deep red sunrise peeked through the gray slatted blinds. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Sandy ran her fingernails along the damp fabric of her nightgown and tried to breathe normally. This one was more than vivid, she was THERE. The images were worrisome. In all the years she had been working the Psychic gig, dreams this intense usually were triggered by someone outside of her

There had only been the one client, Jeremy. He truly was dangerous. Obsessed with his enemies and hell bent on revenge.  The Zima she had after seeing him wouldn’t have done it, since she didn’t chase it with any Xanax. She had learned that moderation in all things made the next morning a lot more pleasant.

Using a floral hankie to her to wipe the water off her face, she sat on the edge of the bed. The bodice of her nightgown was soaked, cleavage almost fully exposed. Jeremy’s face came to her mind while stripping the wet gown off. Slipping the panties off, she faced judgment before the mirror.

The body looking back at her was trim, with well formed breasts that seem to defy age and gravity. A face with only small lines and a belly was taut and smooth all the way to the garden.  A wealthy client had offered her access to her surgeons, but she had turned it down. Jack used to say good wine ages naturally and she was the finest vintage. Why mess with a good thing? 

The small hands stroked down from ribs to nipples and she let out a small sigh and smiled. Memories of him coming in saying “Ce qui pour le diner” with his head traveling down made her shudder. Feather touches and blazing passion surrounded her. The fire still was there; maybe someday she’d find the right one. 

She really needed to pee.Quickly, she stepped into the bathroom and sat. 

Human weakness and insecurity paid her bills. They weren’t pretty enough, wealthy enough or skinny enough.People needing assurance that either they were more special or the specialness was just around the corner. The skill spinning stories with the Tarot deck provided that comfort to most of her clients. As she finished up, another thought came. 

Jeremy. If he wasn’t so crazy, he might be an interesting lay. But the quick search of his past ended any and all chances of that. Crazy had been with her more than once with painful and violent results before she had met Jack. She wasn’t going there again. She knew absolutely he was a runaway train and the final outcome was going to be his death.  

What scared her was that others would be taken out with him

Instead of starting the shower, she picked up her phone.

And in the mists, Sarah smiled. They were going to be reunited after all.

Forgot the guesses.

Topic-Lika Scaliese

Pic: Tyler Myth.

Pic Guesses-Cleavage (in blog) Decolletage, Heaven, Dreamland, Best assets, Come Hither, Baby Time, 


  1. this becomes even more interesting , great descriptive write

    1. Thanks. It's always a side character that kind of pokes the story along.

  2. Such a vivid imagination. Awesome storyline. Looking forward to reading more of Jeremy and Sarah! 8 points, Earthling!!

    -Marvin Martian

    1. Thanks. I'm working on the next two segments as we speak.

  3. Such wonderful storytelling! Always a great read.

  4. You sure know how to add the twists

    1. I try. This has been such a long project I have to keep it interesting.