Friday, January 2, 2015

Moonlight (Blogohphilia 45.7)

Moonlight fell over the yard. It reflected in the green eyes that followed Jeremy as he climbed the steps. The tuxedo coat was slightly raised in alarm. His hand reached out to scratch on the ears, but the cat bolted into the brush alongside the house. That’s right run. Just like those fools will when I get finished with this. 

Dodging metal and plastic debris as he headed to the kitchen, he thought maybe a little music for the background? A box marked “For the Solstice” sat with a dust coating over the top. Jeremy’s curiosity got the best of him. He opened and found a large number of compact discs laid out in neat rows. ”The spirits must really be with me”, he thought.  

Frowning to himself as he picked through the pile, he wasn’t finding the one song for the work. Title’s like “Equinox” and “Night of the Living Dregs” didn’t resonate with him. They were just so much noise, in his book.The he saw the old Chicago album. Yes, that was it. He remembered someone playing it at the hospital. The chant at the beginning was mesmerizing. Could it really be true?

A small boom box was on the table in the corner of the kitchen. Sliding the disc into the player the mechanism spun up, and sound of the 1968 Democratic Convention riots flew out of the speakers.

“The whole world’s watching! The whole world’s watching! The whole world’s watching…

The chant faded into a guitar solo and Jeremy smiled. 

Yes, they will be watching, as I set fire to the rain and turn passerby into mincemeat with no spice added. Everyone will know Jeremy Alvin Allen as someone to fear and not some broken Kelpie sitting in a mental ward. Images of Kelpies amused him. Mythical creatures resembling horse, their power was drawing the humans in close to destroy them, just like he was about to do. 

The Toyota would be the bait. It made sense. Murray had already seen him in it and probably had the plate. Blood would be smeared on the passenger side window and spilled on the sidewalk outside the door. When it is done, it should look like something horrible had happened and the body was moved. The car would then be parked at the Graves near where they found the girl and a 911 call placed. 

And while everyone was scratching their heads, the surprise would come. 

The blood was easy. A quick stop at an Asian market netted him two pints of pork blood. Pigs blood for pigs. 

The big finish still had to be built, though. 

Quickly stepping back to the work table, he picked up one of the pipes. The first end cap had already been fastened, so all that was needed was the power charge and blasting cap. In a few minutes it was together. Now, how big should they be? Two sticks, maybe three?  Big enough to scatter them to the winds. 

The test bomb only had one and it had utterly destroyed the stump. This time it had to make a car disappear. He could test one on the old truck in the barn, but time is of the essence. 

White pipes were filled and wires attached. He added the detonator, then the Velcro belt he had picked up at the hardware store to attach it to bottom of the car. 

If he hurried, he might be able to get it set up for the evening news.


Topic-Trevor Clower

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  1. I sense the climax to this amazing story is near. I will be sad for it to end as the whole story has been captivating and so well written!

    8 points Earthling!


    1. Thank you so much for the compliments (and the points).

  2. Such wonderful storytelling! I love this one and have really enjoyed the series so far.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. I appreciate the kind words.

  3. Does Jeremy know a character named Marvin?? lol ... I'm saying that because he's into blowing up (people) things!! Superb writing!! :)


    1. Lt. Marvin Martian was with the Memphis PD.

  4. This guy is a real bomb threat
    :D Stormy

  5. This is really going to happen? I always assumed an epiphany would appear and calm would follow. Guess I was wrong, huh?