Monday, July 7, 2014

Spidey (Blogophilia 20.7)

So, we get the news Spidey John's pancreas gave up the ghost a few months ago. It wasn't surprising, really. He'd been on the carousel of treatment for quite a while  The painted pony would go up as the inflammation waned, and go down as it came back. Circling and spiraling down to the inevitable exit off the freeway of life.Dylan Thomas would have been proud. He met the pain with sarcasm and bite and went down swinging.

I had gotten to know him through The Group Blogging Experience. I liked his snappy use of language and Devil May Care attitude. We were both going through a mid life crisis and writing was the way we dealt with it. I was just starting to write regularly and needed a bit of guidance on how to go. He just told me to keep reading.

I read his Treehouse Erotica and his normal stuff. The porn was a bit rough for my taste, but his take on life was hilarious. He read mine and gave me pointers on plot and character development.  Through him I met a large portion of my Non-Atlanta friend base and connected to the community known as Blogophilia. This opened up a cavalcade of possibilities I had never dreamed of exploring, from Sherman and Peabody, through Devil's Quill Communication and my parody of "This Old House." It was this kind of encouragement that kept the twisted ideas flowing. 

The last thing he wrote for just happened to be the last time we used the word Calvacade, in which he described his late brother and his follies in the field of love. And how he attempted to take him from the pit of darkness on into the light. I guess it was fitting we didn't find out of his passing until this moment.

I'd like to think he is floating out there, like some benevolent eye in the sky, urging us to stretch.

Of course, he would reply that he was the Illuminati and he was taking over the world. 


I remembered this time.

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Pic-Dave Raider.

Pic guesses:  Light in your eye, Shine, rise, Looking over me,


  1. I meet him here - sometimes his humor was spot on and other times a bit too crude even for me. He was a character and will be missed


    1. Yeah, he was pretty rough at times. I never could do the Treehouse more than once in a while.

  2. He was as contagious as the funny web he spun. I will miss him sorely. Thanks for sharing this, Christopher.


  3. I met him back in space days. I had visited the treehouse and posted one of my quasi erotica writes. He was very encouraging then and although we never connected the way that you and he did, he did give laughs and encouragement. Thanks for sharing your experiences with him in such a positive light!

    Blue fool

  4. I am sad to hear of his passing. He was one-of-a-kind, so funny and wild but had such a soft side, too. He was a fantastic writer, and could make anyone smile (or blush) with his terrific writes. I love this tribute, very nicely done. He'll be missed!!!

  5. Your last line in this wonderful tribute describes him perfectly!
    8 points Earthling! :)

  6. I remember his erotica writings very well. :) That is how I first became friends with him. He is already missed by me. May he rest in eternal peace.


  7. A lovely tribute, Chris. I didn't know him well, but enjoyed what I saw of his playful interaction with my friends. Thank you for sharing some more of what he was about with us. I am sorry that you lost your good friend.


  8. Thanks for sharing this with us Christopher...and very sorry for your loss. ~Christine W

  9. Such a wonderful tribute. Group Blogging Experience is where I first "met" him as well. And you as well. I was so sorry to hear this news today.

  10. This is a really nice recalling of your friend, Christopher. You did him proud, Sir.