Friday, July 25, 2014

A little bit of randomness.(Ariana's Blog Prompt #4)

When I woke up this morning, my Facebook brought up a story about how a model posted a totally un-retouched photograph of herself in a bikini.  She was a pretty lady. Nice face and good proportions, even with no make up I would consider to be an asset on my arm. The big scream was she was considered a "plus" model at a size 10. 

Folks, a size 10 is a NORMAL woman.

One with real curves, like she's supposed to have. 

(I'll stop for a moment so you can pop the popcorn for the comments this)

I'm sorry. I'm a male chauvinist pig. Make into bacon if you wish, but I would much rather have a woman of substance around me. They are happier and more fun to be around.  Who cares if they don't look like the latest flavor of the month from the Hollywood image machine. Small, Tall, Thin,Fat... Who cares?

When I got home, there was another article about one who is trying to escape her image.

Jeannette McCurdy was the second lead in ICarly. She was as close to a reincarnation of Ethel Mertz as I have seen in a long time. Great timing and good chemistry with her other actors made what was a run of the mill Teen comedy rather watchable. All things come to and end, so did the show.

Then her character tried to morph into a spinoff.

It didn't work. 

So, now she is a young woman in her early twenties who has a pretty active social media life. She appears to like fashion (and wears classic clothes extremely well).  She is well read and writes well. And she occasionally posts lingerie selfies. Typical of a someone trying to morph into an adult. 

She posted a piece on why she isn't a role model. She tried it for a while and realized it wasn't working. She's gotten older. 

And I agree with her.

We need to quit worshiping the unattainable images and get back to the people around us. They are the flesh and blood we need to live.

And if you have a daughter, let her grow to what ever God intends and don't sweat the details.

She will make you proud. 


  1. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with your eloquent words here Christopher ...
    it seems the NORM have swing into the ABnormal camp pal...
    they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder..
    try telling that to hollywoods commercial money machine... LOL
    Over here in the UK they are saying that 75% of the population is outsized now...
    and the other 25% of sizes zero to 10 are ABnormal, being in the minority...
    seems what goes around COMES around eventually to bite them in there tushie butts!! .. :-)

    1. We spend far to much time looking between mirror and screen, and not enough time at each other.

  2. good points , these "models" starve and live on drugs to keep the "perfect" figure .... and this is what our daughters worship ....when oh when is the fashion industry going to see the need to change woman's image???

    1. The answer is when women stop paying attention. If ignored, the powers that be will try something else.

  3. totally agree!!! Marilyn Monroe wa a ize 10-12 he was BEAUTIFUL. When I was a size 10 12 years ago was told if i lost weight i'd be more is wrong with normal size. Now after traumatic injuries gained weight, lossed ability to walk long distances.Great write!!

  4. both my daughters have been through the spectrum of extremes, eventually the pendulum centered itself although it still quivers with the youngest.

    Like what you said here!

    Blue fool

  5. Not sure why the reply isn't working properly, but....

    I never was blessed with daughters, but I have watched a lot of my son's friends struggle with this. It really is unfair, when all of them are truly beautiful.

  6. 10 is not even considered plus size! I am between a 12 and 10 and yes, I want to be smaller but that is so not big! Proportions change sizes too.

    1. Oh, I understand. The point is, though, quit looking so much in the mirror. Too much time wasted.