Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dear Chris. (Blogging Lounge #4)

Dear Chris,

Yeah, it's me. The future. Thought you would never hear from me, eh?

Thought I didn't exist past 20? Well, you were wrong.

The world didn't end and you didn't kill yourself in a blaze of glory like you thought you would. Oh, I know. "Live fast. Die young. Leave a beautiful corpse.". Yet, you never would qualify for the last one.

Yeah, you are blotto from the graduation parties now. And you (half heartedly) have enrolled at college for the fall. You remind me of the kid in the song "Captain Jack." At least I can tell you that heroin is not in your future. But everything else is.

Thing is, if you would just relax and not let so much get to you, you would be so much better off.

The voices in your head? Oh, they are still here, but I still ignore them. They never have good advice.

Loosen up and take more risks. And ignore that whiny drunk woman on the couch. All she wants is for you to join in her misery and do nothing.

You have talent. Get that FCC license. Get on stage.

Communicate what it is that is in your heart.



Year 2014.


  1. Think he would have listened? I know my younger self wouldn't have.

    1. Oh, Hell no. He was so wrapped up in how crappy life was.

  2. Replies
    1. Not really. I just had to get quiet for a sec.

  3. My father wrote in my high school year book - to your own self be true -- but young people can't understand that until they finally get it, much later in life