Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm running late (Blogophilia 46.6)

I've been having fun this week trying to figure this set of prompts out.  I started with some bad poetry:

Wisps of steam obscuring the view
Of a snow covered walk
We look like something the cat drug in
Disentangling arms
Sweat soaked hair
Tender skin
We love like lions
Fifty times a day.
You are Zachariah
Level higher than others.
Burning brightly
Over all.

And while everything is in there (the odd fact is Lions can mate up to 50 times a day in season), there was something unsatisfying about it.

So, I tried again, using a story about how my cat drug in an owl (or the owl chased him in). And that way, I could mention how owls have three eyelids, one for blinking, one for sleeping and another for keeping their eyes clean.  And I could mention how awesome (again on the level of Zachariah) it was to have the thing staring at me.  But, then people would say: "Pics or it didn't happen".  He was so surprising, I grabbed a beach towel (to toss over his head) instead of the camera.

Finally, though, time ran out.  So here it is and enjoy.  I've got to get some sleep. 


  1. Frist!!

    50 times a day is too much. I'm glad I'm not a lion.. The owl is one of the most interesting cat drug ins all week. haha -David II

    1. That was Buckwheat the Hunter. He would bring in all sorts of stuff. Snakes, bunnies, birds...

  2. isn't it fun being a writer? never happy with one's work. I've spent a good part of the day on a description for my book.
    The poem is fine. You are a writer

    1. Really, a lot of the times I'm not. The poem went through several revisions before I got it this far.

  3. The topics were probably the toughest that Marvin has put together, ever! But you did really well in gathering your forces and your writing ability here!

    Blue fool

  4. Well done!
    I was beginning to wonder if I had upset you last week by missing your blog and that you had decided not to write one for this week. Relieved I am to view this!
    8 points Earthling! :)


    1. And break my streak?

      Can't get the points if you don't write.

  5. I think your poem turned out very well and great how you used the very challenging prompts this week.

    Michelle K

  6. A lot of times Marvin throws one strange (or hard to use) prompt at us but this week both seem to be and worse they don't seem to mix the best, I looked at them and threw the idea of a poem out the window. So kudo's to you and for even attempting it.


    1. The hard one was the Odd Fact. Getting something that fits what you doing was harder than it looks.

  7. Great be the poem and the latter part as well .. Interestin bout the lion glad um just a Leo and not the lion .. Smiles .. :)


  8. Wow! That is an impressive poem, Chris.


  9. Yes, indeed, I found this week's combination of prompts really difficult. You did a great job with them. Wonderful poetry too.