Monday, August 19, 2013

Ossabaw Dream (blogophilia 26.6)

Crescent moon over
Primeval palmetto grove
Brow beaded with sweat
On this mid July night
Stepping off Kilkenny Ferry
She waits

Past or future?
Real or dream?
Questions rise
From rum and percocet
And fear

Ovaline pendant glows
Between non existent breasts
A young old woman
Dancing circles to a silent melody.
Parrying around an ancient oak,
Spiraling downward

Her face reflecting the pale moon
Passing together
Neither willing to concede
The losing race.

Touching ignites frenzy
Modesty and civility
Vanish into thin air
Arms reach toward Heaven
Minds race toward Hell.
As the consummation plays

Waking alone when the sun rises
Dissolved in passion
She plays among the stars
In the deep memory of time.

Picture- (c) Christopher H. Mitchell, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2005, 2013.


  1. Beautifully surreal... reminds me of a young woman I once knew.

    1. There is the influence of several women in her.

  2. You’ve incorporated many themes and images into this one and while some may appear contradictory, in the scope of time, they make sense

    1. The genesis of the piece was a dream I had several weeks ago. And as all dreams are, the events seemed convoluted.

  3. This is complex, and you weave it all superbly! -David II

  4. the old lady battling with time on her mind...
    reaching out to feel the passion that once raged within...
    then youth cast away all inhibitions as youth dose...
    her memory dances between reality and fantasy of what was or might have been...
    I feel all of this in your words Christopher..
    your description is so vivid, it just captures my mind..
    brilliant .... really quite brilliant... :-)

  5. It is rare to read a recount of a dream, and feel as though I was there for the proceedings. This is a stunning surprise, and welcome indeed.

  6. Surreal as a dream, complex in its weaving. Great write!

  7. This is the stuff dreams are made of...8 points Earthling! :)


    1. The olivine helped pull this together. A long time ago, I was on an adjacent island with a girlfriend. I had bought her a peridot pendant for her birthday. She lost it at her dorm room and we spent most of a night looking for it. We kind of went in circles. We finally found it next to her bed.

  8. "Arms reach toward heaven
    Mind races toward hell"

    Such a perfect phrasing for humanity


  9. Spectacular imagery.... loving how your contrasts here show the complexities of both life and dreams. And yes, rum and Percocet can sure induce some strange dreams..... glad you were able to recall enough of it to spin into this fabulous piece.

  10. Wish my dreams could produce something like this...what a wonderful read...had my imagination turning a few somersaults!
    Loved it :-D.....demme

    1. The dream itself was pretty intense. I was disappointed when I woke.

  11. A very beautiful write.... :)