Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One morning at home. (Blogohilia 25.6)

"Rrrriinggg.  Rrrriinnngg."

"Hello.  This is Chris Mitchell.  How may I help you?"

"Arrrggh.  'tis Scurvy Jack of Blackbeard Recovery, callin' about 'cher loan."

"Excuse me?  Loan? I have no loan."

"Aye, Lad, you do.  Captain said you took eighteen Doubloons from him to pay bar at The Chart House last fortnight.  He was the one legged man with the parrot."

"The Chart House?  Never heard of the place.  Where might it be?"

"Nassau Town, Sir."

"This must be just your imagination, my friend.  I haven't been to Nassau in many years.  Landlubber I am."

"Nay, Lad.  The Captain said you had come in soaked with a sheep.  Said somethin' about you winnin' a race but not receivin' da winnin's. You have a ponytail, Sir?"

"No, I don.  This is silly, Mr. Scurvy.  I live over 700 miles from the Bahamas and it's too hot for sheep there."

"Arrgh. Call me Jack, Boy.  No doubtin' Captain Blackbeard.  He lent you the gold."

"Jack, a fortnight ago, I was still here in Atlanta. No seaside taverns.  No sea at all."

"Atlanta?  No wonder I'm confused.  This sheet says Atlantis.  Waaaiiitt a minute.  That went down in a hurricane.  That's what Grandpappy Bluebeard told me when I was a lad.  Captain must be in the grog again.  So sorry for the interruption. Arrgh.



  1. Ha - pirates - me too - lol you remembered about Trev’s pony tail

    1. Yep. Although, how he got to Nassau still is a wonder.

  2. ah, you know that one - have sheep will travel lol

  3. AVAST YE DOGS! Tis Sheep talk me thinks laddie!!!!
    this is a close shave indeed Christopher... Blackbeard always keeps a close eye on his pieces of eight I've been told! lol
    I could taste the salt in your words pal... :-)
    and wet sheep are hard to handle... very heavy when soaked!! LOL
    what a great read... loved it :-)

    1. Having handled a wet sheep (a friend of mine has a small flock to train her dogs), I know they are slicker than greased pigs.

  4. hehe Pirates usually have too much rum to even remember loaning doubloons! 8 points Earthling! :)


  5. Pirate - Collection Agency: I can see that as a pretty natural evolution, but doubt I'd have thought of it on my own.


  6. That was some quick thinking on your feet. I shudder at the repercussions that might have come from this. I bet that fellow wields a Cutlass Supreme.

    signed: Myke

  7. Almost sounds like some of the calls we get. Thanks so much for the smile as I read. ~barb k~

  8. Haha!!! Damn pirate loan sharks.... You got the accent down pat. Loved this! ;)

  9. Good story! :)