Harry's Comedy Corner (Blogophilia 18.11)

Hey, Heidy and Howdy!. It's your ol' buddy, Harry live on good ol' WOFT. The marketing weasels have been crunching the latest Nielsen numbers and they saidgolden oldies aren't cutting it anymore. That's right! Fewer and fewer of you Geritol kids have it in you to keep up, or worse have joined me here in the wind. Well, as public service (and a craven attempt to keep my job), I have taken it upon myself to give you, my listeners, the strength to carry on. Hey! Isn't that a song lyric?

I read somewhere that laughter is the best medicine, so tonight's show is all COMEDY!

We'll start with Happy Hour. Now where I'm from the Killjoys in the State Revenue department no longer allow for drink specials, but I am aware of a few places you can pong for your beer...

By the time you've played a round or three, you get really happy. So happy, you don't care what silliness is on TV.

But some jerk decides cartoon Wrasslin' ain't real since there ain't any drama. Well, my go to is the fabulous Dusty Rhoads, now performing in the Heavenly Ring.

Ain't no way any of that's real...What's in those beers, anyway?

Sometime during the night, work and bosses will get brought up. And you thought you could get away from all that...

It makes you wish you were some Hollywood anti-hero that could say anything you wanted. Maybe this guy.

Finally, after all that, you are ready for something completely different

Which is what you look like after losing at Beer Pong.

Just don't blame me in the morning.


Topic-Tyler Myth

Pic- Colleen Bruening

Pic guesses: Beer Pong (in blog), Happy Hour (in blog), Party, Frat,


  1. Oh this is a whole other website. Nice! Thank you for the funny! And thanks for the videos you have shared!

    1. Yep. FB can't handle the multiple videos, so all Harry posts are here. It is also my archive. Please feel free to look around.

    2. I see. I will remember. Thanks Christopher.

  2. Just reading what you posted. I'm not a fan of videos. :)


  3. I don't remember ever losing at beer pong. Thought it was more of a win-win kind of activity

  4. Never never trusting marketing weasels. 8 points Earthling


  5. Thanks so much for the Saturday smiles and chuckles.

  6. Glad to see Harry still likes the oldies


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