Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Lazy Afternoon

Jimmy had a rare day off. Mommy had some shopping to do, so he’s curled up on the couch, taking a nap. Emily bounces in and tucks herself along his tummy, giving him a peck on his cheek. Sleepily, the chubby arm wraps around the thin shoulders.
A small stir. “Yes, Sweetie?” 
“You love Mommy, don’t you?”
A single eye opens. “She’s my favoritest girl in all the world.”
The little face fell a little.
“I thought I was.”
“She was here first.” 
Brightening up, she chirps.
“She likes what Santa brought, doesn’t she?”
“Yes, Baby, she does.” He grinned and turned over on his back. “She hasn’t taken it off since I gave it to her.”
“Yes, Emily.”
“How did you and Mommy meet?”
“She and Grandma moved in the house behind ours when I was ten.”
“Did she like you back then?”
“She thought I had cooties and I thought girls were silly, so we didn’t play together. 
The little face crunched up. “Boys DO have cooties. That is what Riley told me.”
Daddy chuckled. “I know we do. We are yucky and gross.”
“But how did she change her mind?”
Jimmy sat up and pulled Emily up on his lap.
“Grandma had a picnic in her back yard for Mommy’s 12th birthday. Cake and everything. Her friend that was supposed to come got sick and Mommy was sad. Grandma saw me over the fence playing with my dog Petey and asked me if I wanted to come. My Mom said it was OK if I took the dog with me. It felt weird at first, because I was a boy. But we talked and played with the dog until after the moon came up and my Mom called me home. That was when I realized we really liked each other.”
Emily’s eyes got big.
“Did you kiss?”
Jimmy laughed and hugged his daughter tight.
“No, Honey, that came later. But I did find something I loved so I never gave up. And I never will, either. I think I hear Mommy coming. Let’s see if we can help her with the groceries.”
Topic-Nina Nixon
Pic Guesses-We Three Kings, Rock the Casbah, Marketplace, Rawhide, Song of the Magi

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