Monday, November 23, 2015

Mail Call

So, the other day I got home from picking up my wife and picked up the mail. Most days, it is ads, bills and other items that frankly they shouldn't have bothered with. Just think of how many trees died for that slick coupon sheet advertising house cleaning services and what not. And this batch of mail was similar, except for one envelope with a laser printed address label. I shrug, guesses it is a dinner invitation from a stock broker wanting to "invest" my non-existent money in a fake warehouse scheme, or maybe for some inaccessible land in the mountains.

The shredder is hungry, but I stop.What really is in there? Ripping the flap open are vouchers to a local restaurant, and then I notice who sent it.

A local funeral home.

Great! Now, I know I'm getting old. I mean, I've been getting crap from AARP for at least ten years and now someone wants me to face my own mortality, probably on the monthly finance plan.

I showed it to my wife and she laughed.

I'll wait a bit.

Picture: (c) 2011, Don Teuton, Savannah GA.


  1. I get strange mail all the time. I get really strange emails all the time as well.


  2. Between my two active Email accounts, I get 70-80 messages a day. Maybe 1 or 2 of them I want to see. It was worse a few years ago when I use to get a lot of unsolicited porn, but that group of bots was broken up and not replaced.