Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Flying Dutchman (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers #35)

Yellow freighter came aside the President Street dock just before dawn. A shore crew took the bow lanyard, securing it to dock and quickly followed that with the stern. Stevedores prepped the cranes to begin the offlload when the Chief realized something was amiss. No Captain or Crew, just stacks of cargo containers piled high over the gunnels and a small flat screened kiosk at the top of the gangway. Without a touch, the screen lit up and scrolled the following message:

"I am De Vilengende Hollander, the latest in Cargo ships. Instead of a boat with no port, I am a boat with no crew. Swap my cargo so I may proceed."

The galley cranes followed the command and killed the crew. Another port taken over.

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