Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Harry Handy is back on the air (Blogophilia 26.8)

Hey, Heidy and Howdy! It's your old pal, Harry Handy, the randy dandy DJ  here on WOFT, Old Farts Radio, the jumping jukebox for the Geritol generations. We used to say "Don't trust anybody over 30." Now , it's "Everyone is half my age!"

I've been off the air for a while. Got involved a little legal kerfuffle with my second ex concerning running with scissors. It sounded something like this...

Yeah. pretty bad and a sharp object lesson for sure.

And now a word from our sponsor.

Yes, that is Betty White when she was young and sexy. Now, she's old and...old

And so are we.

Remember when our theme song was:

Especially after finally hitting the home run? She insisted on cuddling and watching the stars when all you wanted to do was get something to eat.

Well, we know how that went. But you have to say she turned out to be the spitting image of her mother.

And now your daughter is fighting that same breeze from down under her skirts and the guy reminds you to much of you.

You mother was right.

(It has a good beat and you can dance to it)

Uh, oh.  I hear the lawyers. They are looking to shut me down again. Until next time...


Topic-Sharonlee Goodhand

Pic-Christine Wichman

Pic guesses:  Dance (in blog),  by myself, alone, morning dance, twist, skirts (in blog), 


  1. First? Wonderful post. Great storytelling. So very creative.

  2. young or old , guys remain the same, love looking up girls skirts . haha , great story

  3. What great fun! Enjoyed this blast from the past...nicely done!

  4. Geritol, huh? All right. I'll try it. Maybe it'll pick me up some. 8 points, Earthling!!

    Marvin Martian :)

  5. I'd take a roll back to 30 *sigh* but I guess I'll have to work on the next 30 instead

  6. I don't trust any one over 13. Thats when all the deviousness starts
    Good presentation here Christopher

  7. Fun write...very entertaining Christopher...I still think Betty White is holding her own for 90 something...she keeps young very well. Do they still sell Geritol? lol ~Christine W

    1. I have seen it in the stores. But it is usually on the bottom shelf, away from prying eyes.

  8. I remember the Geritol commercials. :)


    1. Put some pep in your pop. At least you don't have to go the the large ladies lingerie shoppe where the foundations are fortresses.

  9. I've seen Running with Scissors..good movie, actually forgot about it until I saw that trailer. I also remember seeing commercials for Geritol, but not with Bettie White..never saw her that " young and sexy" lol ..enjoyed this.

  10. I enjoyed all your videos, especially the Drifters. One of my favorite songs. I vaguely remember the Geritol commercial with Betty White. Lol But I remember American Bandstand and the teenager Dick Clark!! Lol

  11. Oops. That's my comment above. Leta

  12. Hahaha....Very good!!! I've never seen Running With Scissors, but seeing the previews looks interesting. The Betty White commercial reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode...

    Great Post!!!