Thursday, March 5, 2015

Repose (Blogophilia 2.8)

Blue eyes obscured by the wrinkles of the night stared back from the mirror. The morning ablutions still had to be done, whether he wanted to or not. Soundlessly, the razor slid down the cheek and along the jaw line and returned. No stubble, no hangover. Some idiot in the Army told him that. A clean shave erased all of the sins of the night. Yeah, Murray, keep fooling yourself. You ain’t getting any younger. 

Looking up, he saw her face in the mirror. She came up from behind and held him.

“You were up all night, you know that?” Kissing the freshly shaven skin, she savored the mix of mint, booze and man. Ashamed, he turned away. He had let her down again. How does she put up with me?


Forcing him around to face her, she threaded her arms under his. The remains of her Chanel began to seep in. In spite of himself, he was content. 

“Walter, you need to take a break.” Taking the towel from the rack, she slowly dried the craggy face. 

“But the Paloma case…” 

Throwing the cloth over his head, she turned back toward the bedroom. 

“Tell Cap to handle it.”  

“You know I can’t. It’s all over the media. Besides, that isn’t what’s bugging me.”

Gently, she turned back. “I figured that, all the more reason to get away.” 

Carol knew he was hurting and scared. Most cops were.She drew her hands lightly his graying chest and he began to relax. Leaning against him, the kisses began along his collarbone and down his sternum. 

“You know I don’t like it when you stay up all night drinking.”

“I know. Sometimes…”

She put a finger to his lips.

“Sssshhh…Baby, I know. Let Mama take care of it for you.” 

They slowly waltzed across the room, rhythm in their heads keeping time with their bodies. The nightgown rose while the boxers sank. She continued kissing him down the center of his body. He responded by picking her up like a baby.  They sat on the bed, him rocking her and tickling between the small breasts. Laughing, she began to coo at her big Daddy, directing where she needed him. She return the touches in kind. A married couple in their own teenage world, there was no rush.

Turning and laying her across the bed, he began kissing the inside of her knee. Murmuring her approval, she ran her fingers through the thinning hair and shifted slightly. The hate, evil and temptation he had seen in the last 48 hours was a faded memory. Paloma can wait. Allen can wait. It could all wait.  Only she mattered now. He began to move towards the healing target.

The cell phone chirped.

“Damn it.” He started to reach for it.

“Don’t answer it.” 

Pulling him up even, they sunk into a deep kiss as she lightly touched what she wanted. Moving into position their sights locked on each other, they pushed and joined. She pressed hard against him as they held still. 

“Carol, I love you.”

“I love you, too, Baby. Mama's here for you.”  She stroked him gently. 

The phone chirped again. Staring at it, they began to move in rebellion. This was their moment. Too many had been sacrificed over the years, for work, for children, for others. It was their time, now.  Feeling the rough skin of his face excited her. It didn’t matter how many times she saw him. She wanted all of him.  And, blessedly, he wanted her just as much. Their speed began to pick up. 

“Oh, baby…”

Reaching behind her leg, he traced along the base of her vulva. The reaction was immediate.


Carol arched her back and screamed. Tightly holding on, they fell into the oblivion they had sought. Nothing at mattered anymore, but them and they were healed once more. 

The phone chirped one more time.

 Wearily, he reached down and picked it up. His eyes flew open.

“Yeah…At the Graves? Be there in a few minutes.”


  1. I really enjoyed this one!


  2. brilliantly written Christopher... loved the description and the build up very much indeed.. a very tender relationship in a harsh world they live in.. then right back into the urgency of their life... a really nice touch at the end... loved it pal... :-)

    1. Thanks. Trying to balance one against the other is always a challenge.