Sunday, December 14, 2014

Repsect. (A Writercize Challenge)

A Writercize challenge.

I haven't done one in over a year.

And this one is a little out of my comfort zone, since it asks me to write an journalistic opinion column on how I feel about various police actions in the last few months.

Michael Brown

Eric Garner

Tamir Rice

And a number of other incidents that should cause great concern.

Is a White life greater than a Black one?

On the surface, you would think so. In each of these situations, we had White officers causing the deaths of Black men. But, I think that statement is a straw-man argument. One that diverts the attention from a deeper problem. A problem larger than the Police and larger than the people they deal with.

It is a problem with power used without respect, which is the definition of tyranny.

Disrespect breeds more disrespect. Soon, conflict happens.

On the world stage, we have conflict over the world where side A wishes the utter annihilation of side B. And if you aren't 100% for A, then you must be with B.

I'm with none of them.

In each of the above examples, impatient police made very serious tactical errors that place them in a position where deadly force resulted. If they had just taken five seconds to observe and breathe, a lot of heartache could have been avoided.

But Humans aren't known for patience. Fight, flight and total victory are all they know. 

And we will all go up in flames because of it.


Here is a link back to Writercize.  Sometimes you need to be taken in a different direction.

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