Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bad Answer (Blogophilia 37.7)

Fear gripped him.

Then, rage. 

Going what seemed like 104 past the old golf course, the pounding began in his temples. The challenge to his plans was plainly obvious to him.

“Changes?” He said out loud. “Yes, there are. And I am the one in charge of them for once"

He wasn’t going to fail.  Even if he took out twenty nine people, Murray and Jackson were going down in flames. Picking up a piece of an old chocolate bar, he popped in this mouth. 

The cards did say the cycle would be ending, one way or another, which is true. He was going to end it. End it in a way that would be remembered for all times. If he goes with it, fine. Joining Sarah in bliss is consolation. And in those three cards was the validation that was sought.

Fates?  That was for the delusional and na├»ve. Not an enlightened person like himself.

He relaxed and slowed the car down. No need to attract attention yet. 

There were no more thoughts on the drive back to the apartment.
Jeremy’s sudden departure rattled Sandy. The cold glare he gave as he backed away chilled her to the marrow. Never before was something so dangerous brought up during a reading. 

It was time to pray.

Her gaze went to crystal sphere at her right hand. The reflected image of a rose on the sideboard behind her, brought her to focus. Sipping the last of her tea, she began to ponder.

No loose ends? The memory of an old client floated before her. A man so obsessed with his former wife, he couldn’t stop stalking her. With each reading, he would be more insistent at his goal. Like Vlad Tepes, Total domination and power even at the expense of their lives. 

Without thinking, she punched Jeremy’s name into Google. The first two pages brought up entries for a investment banker in New York that was active in art circles. That wasn’t what she wanted. Adding the modifiers “Georgia” and “Death” thinned it out. The second entry of the page stated:

“Minor boy found incompetent to stand trial.”

Opening the entry, she began to read. After a minute, she closed the it. Picking up her rosary, she began to cry. The Fates had indeed spoken. 


Topic-Christina Salsman

Picture-Gail Dormire.

Pic guesses-Rose (in blog), Smelling the roses. Thorns, 


  1. very good use of prompts in this episode

    1. I had the piece sketched out late last week, but I waited until I got the prompts to finish. They dovetailed in really well.

  2. Nice episode to your story Christopher!! ~Christine W.

  3. Oh my! I am shaking in my Martian boots here.... time to pray indeed! The plot is getting whipped into a frenzy and so am I! 8 points, Earthling!

  4. You weave an intriguing tale here. I am left in suspense wondering what comes next

    1. Kind of like those old movie serials. Leave you at a cliff hanger.