Sunday, October 12, 2014

Turn the Page (Blogophilia 34.7)

So, what to do?

Moon slanting through the kitchen window, Jeremy had his notebook, a bottle of Cutty, and bemused smirk. Taking a slug from the bottle, he turned a page and assessed all that happened.

On the good side, the trip to farm far exceeded expectations. Watching the stump evaporate as exciting and he was ready to do it again. He guessed it was like it the first time for sex or something.  At least that was somebody told him it was like, an explosion.  He never felt any explosions. He’d never had sex with anyone, he didn’t think. Nobody ever got that close. The bombs were a good substitute. He could screw those who screwed him from afar and not getting of the mess on him.

The size of the device was set. 24”X 1 ½”. It produced enough of a blast to affect those within 50 feet. There was still the matter of additional shrapnel. He was leaning toward 8 penny finishing nails, maybe with some washers and nuts of similar size. They were small enough to travel a distance with enough mass to do damage.  Probably will need to test it a bit, tuning it for maximum damage.

Detonation would be handled with a couple of old Nokia phones, hooked to a nine volt battery. The phones were $10 on Craigslist and the sellers took PayPal. They showed up at the apartment two days after the payment cleared, using someone's hacked credit card, of course.  

The phones could be tested here using an electric thingamajig. The one that shows how much current is going through? Dial it up and see if the charge registers. How much charge will it take? Jeremy made a note to look that up. It shouldn’t be that much.

Anyway, pipe bomb and detonator most certainly did not need to be together until he was ready. It probably would be good to test the shrapnel and the detonator together up at the farm. He could set up some targets to track the progress.  Altogether, that the trip was a plus on the balance sheet.

The reconnaissance part had been a disaster. First he wasted the fifteen minutes on Police Headquarters. Well, no, it wasn’t a waste. He did get a good feel of the compound layout and realized it was a poor target. Only one public entrance, heavily guarded. Hitting there would be like stirring an ant hill. The pigs would just pour out like the worker cogs they are. He wouldn’t be able to run fast enough from the colony when it was stirred up.  

The trip to the Graves was totally on a whim. Mother, Sarah and him had lived there when he was very little in a building at the far end of complex. Sarah had only just begun living with them. Mother never did say what had happened to her mom, only she was dead and that she was there to stay. Jeremy didn’t mind. She was someone to play with, even if she was older. 

The Graves was new back then. There was a small patch of woods behind the building he and Sarah would play in. Chasing each other, they would pretend to be Prince and Princess. He would never mention her make her sad and he couldn’t handle her crying. Jeremy would cover her mouth with his hand until she would fall asleep. Laying her carefully on the forest floor, he would hold her until she woke up. Thinking back, she looked like one of those paintings. The ones that would be called “Girl in Repose” or “Innocence Sleeps” or something stupid like that. 

They would return to the apartment dirty and happy. Mother would be waiting for them, spoon ready. She would wail about dead slut sister as she would yank their pants down. They were nothing but dirty urchins who were sent by God to punish Mother for her sins. 

They would take the spankings standing at the table together, mother alternating between their bare bottoms. It was the daily thunderstorm.  When it was over, they would be locked in the bedroom and they would cuddle themselves to sleep. Misery together was much better than misery apart.

One day, Sarah tried to run during the process. With her panties at her ankles, she tripped and hit her head on the table. Blood went everywhere and here was a lot of confusion. Sarah was taken away for a while and Mother and him ended up moving to the house.  It was quite a while before she came back and she never was the same.  

The apartment complex sure had changed. Broken windows and patchy pavement met his gaze. The woods were replaced by a nondescript building with a loading dock. A sea of brown faces looked warily as he drove. They regard him as being from another planet. Jeremy gave a thought of turning around and going on home, but this was a mission that needed to be fulfilled. 

Since this was where Sarah’s troubles started, this was a good place to avenge his troubles. The plan was to drive to his old building and snoop around for a spot to drop the car. It wasn’t until he started down the hill that he saw the crime scene. He couldn’t believe it. If he was quiet, he could watch it being worked, great information for later. An empty parking place was directly across the drive and he took advantage. 

He had been there about twenty minutes when Murray showed up and ruined the party.  Did he recognize me or not? And does the idiot realize he wasn’t connected to the body?  It really didn’t matter. The best option now was to find a better deployment.  Another accidental spotting in that area would get Murray’s attention for sure. But that area still has promise. Immigrants were scared of the cops.  He knew of one complex not fare away that dead ended into a cul-de-sac.  It was far enough away the Graves to that nobody would make a connection. 

Turning to a fresh page in the notebook, he made note to drive over there in the morning and walk around. Measurements need to be made and sightlines assessed. He wanted to watch. He needed to be sure he could.


Almost forgot.

For those of you who are new here, Blogophilia is a fun group of people who write based on challenges.

Topic-Sandy Glenn

Pic-Nina Nixon.

Pic guesses: Girl in Repose (in blog), Innocence Sleeps (in blog), Afternoon Delight, Siesta, Nap Time, Peaches and Dreams. 


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    8 points Earthling! :)


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