Thursday, June 5, 2014

Further Down The Road

Traffic went faster as he went under Spaghetti Junction. What an apt name. Concrete noodles splattered all over the ground; maybe someday he would add the tomato sauce. Jeremy chuckled at that thought. 

“What do you think, car?” he said out loud. “Do you think 285 would look better coated in red?”

The car didn’t answer him.

An older song came on the radio. 

“Let the bodies hit da flo’. Let the bodies hit da flo’.”

“I really like this station.” He turned up the volume as his head began to nod. The car picked sped off into the sunset.


  1. well ya have to have a little sauce with the spaghetti... best time to ride that would be 3 am going as fast as your car will allow. Nice dark little read :) 'Lia