Tuesday, May 6, 2014

4:00PM (Blogophilia 11.7)

Images flashed in and out of his vision, Mother and then the policemen.  He wasn’t completely sure if he was awake or in one of his nightmares. Scenes in sepia tones, like an old photograph. Mother in her high collared blouse, dour and lifeless as a dead rose.  Jackson is across the room pounding on the table Murray pulls his hair and they are both laughing. Pigs enjoy humiliation.  The ground began  to rotate like a mechanical stage and a new point of view began.   Murray is approaching an area with crime scene tape around it. Jackson hails him over to a pile sitting on the sidewalk.  There is an old car just before the area. Jeremy waits as he gets closer and closer….

An acute pain broke through the dream, a stray sunbeam reflecting off the table knife and directly in the left eye.  Moaning, he raises his hand to block the intrusion. His head is leaden.  Jacking the chin up with his right hand, he is vaguely aware of the acrid smell.   Crap, peed himself again. The sound of Mother’s voice echoed in his head, but he ignored it.  At least he was in the chair and not in the bed.  No laundry other than changing his clothes.  Got to be more careful, they might catch on. 

He slowly rose and opened the small window that looked over the tree lined parking lot.  The smell of stale oil and re-fried beans from the trendy taqueria next door filled the room, filling his belly with hunger.  He might walk over to get one of their house specials.  Stumbling along the counter, he turned on the faucet and splashed water in his face.   His hand made a move toward his drugs then pulled back, turning on the radio instead.

 The brown plastic bottles seem to sway in his vision. A high pitched chant “You know you need us.  Why haven’t you taken us?” began to play in his head.  

“Because I don’t want and addiction to feed and I don’t have any mouths to pay. So Devil, I don’t need to bargain with you today.  I’m O.K.”.  Another voice said.  The bottles and his mind were battling for control.  No one was going to save his soul, no matter what Jewel sang. Jeremy was sure of it.  

Call and response repeated itself several times before Jeremy could focus on anything else.  Slowly, he stripped off his wet trousers.  The cool air felt refreshing and he stood for a moment, the breeze from his kitchen window gently drying the chaffed parts.  He absently moved the flesh from side to side. There was no pleasure in it, really.  It hasn’t worked for years. There was just a need to feel the soft coolness and to feel it spread.  

Peeling off his shirt, he stepped into the telephone booth sized closet that served as his bathroom.  He switched on the light. There was a pop and the immediate touch of darkness as the bulb blew. Jumping back and gripping his chest, he almost peed again.  The high pitched voice began to taunt him “A keeper, you ain’t a keeper.”  

“Leave me alone!” Jeremy screamed.  He melted to the floor, hyperventilating.  His head pounded in time with his heart.  He wanted just to explode there.  

A soft voice quietly rose above the others.  

“It’s alright. They don’t mean it.” 

His breathing began to slow. Sarah’s naked body briefly flashed before his eyes. He sensed her small breasts and the smell of the lavender soap.  The soft touch of a hand began to caress his neck. 

 “I will always be here.”

Tears formed at the corner of his eyes as he saw her. The gift that had been taken away so suddenly. 

 “They killed you and I’m going to make it right.” He said quietly.  The image vanished and he was able to breathe again.  Utterly exhausted, he fell on to his bed and back into the original dream.


  1. wow, very intriguing. I look forward to more!

  2. These little tidbits of Jeremy's mind are so intriguing! They add color to the character and he becomes more real with each segment. Keep this going, it is good!

    8 points Earthling! :)

  3. gerard villegasMay 7, 2014 at 1:23 PM

    Whoa! This is getting intense.

    1. Between anger and madness, you have this.

  4. Great write .. Yeah


  5. Wow...this was intense...you sure know how to "set a scene"...scary what happens to the mind!

  6. Wow - looks like I got to go catch up here too. Sorry for being AWOL

    1. Roll back to 3 Sheets and work forward.

  7. Whew! A compelling story. Wonderful Blogophilia 11.7! So very talented.

  8. WOW!!... Jeremy having a timely vision made the turmoil worth it I thought Christopher .. as I identify the loneliness he is dealing with... such a reward is well worth not bothering with so called reality, as it only brings in rules of others on how one should behave and conform... this is compelling reading Christopher and deserves continuation for Jeremy's sake as well as my own my friend.. amazingly vivid... :-)