Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Never Again (Blogging Lounge #7)

Never again….

A phrase that makes a liar out of anyone who utters it.

We say "never again" when our head and body aches after a long binge, yet pick up the bottle the very next day.

We say "never again" when our belly is extended from gluttony, yet prepare double the food we need.

We say "never again" when we see children starving, while we eat the meal.

We say "never again" when we wake next naked next to a stranger, knowing the cold comfort in anonymous pairings.

We say "never again" when we see the poor robbed of their few belongings, yet another generation of thieves are always there.

We say "never again" when we see the enslaved free, but millions return to indenture.

We say "never again" when we see the corpses of the latest massacre, yet the zealots and jealous  who wish domination will not be swayed. 

 Never again should we speak it.

The words prove how utterly flawed we are. 


  1. I have often wondered about complacency, it is so easy to get stirred up and passionate about something, to think we will change, we CAN change, but so hard to keep it up over time. But at least we DO keep trying, I suppose that redeems us, at least a little...