Sunday, June 23, 2013

Heartbreak Hotel (Blogophilia 18.6)

Bed is empty now.
Lipstick smeared on my pants
Ribbon tied on the bed post
As a reminder
Was she pretty?
Through the bottom of the glass,

Harold's came in to view
As night bloomed over the ocean
Weary and dry, I pulled in.
Ponytail behind the bar
Put tequila in a glass
And my life into
A spin.

Whiskey voice turned my head
Blond by choice and lined by sun
Rode hard all her life
Still looking for a Prince
In this pond of toads
The next was to be kissed.

Sharing stories of hurt
Of cheating and deceit,
Hating people and loving persons
Making all the wrong choices
We knew there was one more
To make.

The room was spare
In the old seaside place
Ocean breeze came through the cracks.
She opened the jalousies so we
Could rock in time with
The surf.

I loosen the yellow ribbon
Covering her bust
And drank deeply
From her well
Returning the favor, we were
Fighting our fears
In place.

Dawn cracked and she left.
Had to tend bar day shift.
She said I could stay.
Didn't know what to say.
Put a Twenty on the table,
And I left.

Photo (c) Christopher Mitchell 2013.


  1. Ohhh this one is biting... Leaving that 20, best not ever intend to come back. -David II

    1. Sometimes you realize it's better to move on.

  2. Sounds like their lives had walked the pathes - kind of makes me wonder if staying might have been worth the effort


    1. I don't think so. He's a toad and knows it. She knows it, too. But she has to put out to find out.

  3. Wow powerful write!~ Kim

  4. You tell a good story with a minimalist style and one can see and hear it all. One of your best

  5. So, finding seashells on the seashore was not part of the plan?

    8 points Earthling! :)

    1. Not for these two. It's funny. As soon as I saw this place (it was in the next block from where I was staying in South Carolina), I knew it had stories to tell.

  6. We had a no tell motel like this in our neighborhood. Some nights, when we were partying, we would ease up there, to borrow ice out of the machines, and the stuff we would see would make a person blush. Right up the street, an all night pancake shop.

    signed: Myke

    1. The all night diners are always good for entertainment. You literally never knew what was coming in the door.

  7. I love the way you write Christopher, its really smooth
    the one night stand that makes the night flow a lot better..
    its how we live now days I guess...
    not wanting to know each other much, but bump into each other
    from time to time for mutual satisfaction and for gain..
    your description is very vivid the way your style brings out
    the points that the reader needs to know...
    quite brilliant...
    I could never manage to write like this pal..
    I guess I talk too much.. LOL..

  8. Oops.. forgot to sign ... its Trev ..

  9. Well...maybe it's better you did not stay...seems like this was more of a mutual temporary hook-up. Sometimes "staying" complicates things unnecessarily. Great write!

    1. Cold comfort for cold hearts.

      Keep on reading.

  10. Wonderful Write!

    ~~Diana Jillian (DJ)