Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ready, Set, Go (GBE 87)

It's 9:37 and it the goal is fifteen minutes of free writing.  I should mention it is Sunday, January 13, 2013.  It's been a busy day with church, Falcon's gam (win!) and many more things.

Sunday is when I usually get my group writing assignments.  If you read the blog, I am in several groups.  Groups that have helped me define who I am during a period that most people refer to as a midlife crisis.  It's funny, since I started writing seriously again about four years ago, with the original GBE group, I have managed to greatly improve the way that I communicate with my world. And I have met some amazing people, both here in the ether and "In Real Life".

I guess you would call what I am going through a crisis.  But I don't.  I just call it a transition to a new phase.  I have left my job of fourteen years.  But I don't miss it much all.  And while it would be nice to get some money going in addition to my pension, I am beyond the need for huge amounts of material possession.  I think this does come out in my characters.  They tend to be broken types for the most part.  Some are successful and others are not.  But all have a cynical distrust of the media herd.

At church, I have been attending a class that sort of points to the end of life and its decisions.  While this does not appear to be in my immediate future, I am of an age where funerals are becoming a more common occurrence.   I lost a brother a few months ago and I have a sister who is on the down hill slide from cancer.  And a few of my contemporaries are beginning to show up in the obituaries.

It begs the question, am I one who just dismisses death and something to get through quickly?  Maybe so.  I have never been a particularly sentimental person.  With my brother, we had been estranged for more than 25 years.  The fact he died pretty much alone didn't surprise me at all.  Nobody really knew what he was running from, just that he was running.  And with my sister, it really isn't shocking since she is a long time smoker.

Ok.  9:52.

Kind of like going to the bathroom.

Where is the paper dispenser?


  1. If you have multiple comments from me, sorry! My internet spazzed out *sigh* What i was trying to say was that I loved the way this flowed, and wasn't a downer because of your underlying positivity. From one of middle years to another, bravo!

  2. LOL kinda like going to the bathroom???? umm..the last 6 min..oh ok now i get it!! LOL

    Sad about dying alone..your bro..and yes...death does greet us eventually..we are all 'terminal'...interesting write my friend

  3. I have also wondered why different deaths affect me so differently. I am sometimes disturbed and so sad it's nearly beyond reason and other times, I am just accepting. I don't know why or what makes the difference, but I do know that as more of our friends pass, I find it isn't as difficult as it once was to imagine it will be my turn sooner rather than later. I'm okay with that.

    Living is much more important than how long we have.

    1. Some, you know the death was a relief from suffering. Others are more sudden and shocking, I guess.

  4. you wrote that wonderful write so quickly - and did you have to edit it after? when I free write the spelling punctuation and flow are all muddled. At any rate - excellent write and I'm right next to you on most of the points you've raised.

    1. I back tracked a couple of times to correct spelling. But for the most part, it is a naked write. The more I write, the better I get at the technical side of the process.

      But, like in all things, some days are better than others.