Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cemetery (GBE 71)

A beautiful day
In a quiet glen
The corner of a cemetery
Where I have tagged along

The mourners gather
At the hole
To bid good bye
Another too young.

In retrospect they shouldn't
Have sped up the road
To meet their time.
And the pole

Yet their time came
To leave the others behind
To wonder if that would
Be their fate in time.

Another young man gone
Another lesson learned
To be forgotten again
By the next generation.


  1. Sad ... for the people left to mourn the one gone

  2. sad....was thinking how much it has cemetery's around here..many get dad was a deacon in the Catholic Church and he received a "free spot" in the cemetery. Do you know how much coffins cost? 3k!! My sis picked a condo for his ashes. Yup way up high...have NO desire to go visit, and honestly think i would get lost trying to find which "condo" he was in. It is sad isn't it...young man...old man gone...and we wonder. *great poem

    1. I noticed the young man's parents had chosen a rather elaborate coffin. I've always wondered why someone would do that. After all, it will eventually break down.

  3. I just today reviewed our funeral plans. It makes some people very sad to do this sort of thing, but for me, it's good knowing my children don't have to make any decisions. I have chosen. I have arranged and I have purchased a life insurance policy to cover the costs. done and done.

    There is no elaborate plan for my remains. A rented coffin and a cremation. The kids want a day of showing, so there had to be something to lay me out in...thus the rental. One cemetery plot for the two of us and yes, the kids wanted that as well. I don't care.

    It is only the end of this life, not eternity.

    Moving on...the survivors and the deceased. Glory be. The tears and the sadness are for those of us left to miss the one who has gone before.

    1. I haven't gone that far. I'm probably going for the tradition burial, but with the simplest pine box available. The Priest to say the few words and add the dirt.

      Everyone can then go to dinner and laugh at me and about me.

  4. Sad and moving poem. I have been in that cemetery too many times in the past remembering and thinking what might have been in retrospect. Well done!


  5. excellent discussion here. Dad donated his body to a medical school. I have more thoughts on this but not at this time or this venue.

  6. Well done!

    The hubs and I included our preferences in our wills. No fanfare. No services. No nada. Just a dinner for a very select few to remember and hopefully have a laugh or two.