Friday, August 10, 2012

Padraic out west (Blogophilia 24.5.2)

Troubadour and troublemaker
Shillelagh at his side
Into town he rode
Looking for a guide

He from the auld sod
Not knowing the space
Came right up
On the barrel race

Spirited contest it was
Until a sorrel found
A washout
Hard against the ground

The pony did stumble
And threw the Jock
With everyone wondering
Would he get back to the dock?

The stranger dismounted
From his steed
To address
The Jockey’s need

In a brogue he asked
“Are ye hurt?”
The Jockey blinked
“Not at all, you Jerk”

“Stand a little
Out of the sun. 
I can’t see
The lady’s bun.”

So, the Irishman
Remounted his steed
Knowing again it never pays
To do a good deed. 


  1. Ha ha, spoken like a true cowboy!!!! Gotta get on up and ride 'em again... :D

  2. Indeed it was fun. Clapping and grinning here