Friday, March 23, 2012

Kari Summers (GBE 44 and Writercize 168)

On Alana's Writercize blog she suggests taking a name from either a random name generator or a short story you are working on and list a number of characteristics for them.  I choose Kari Summers, who is in the Streetlights series that I've published on this blog and a longer story that I am editing.

Kari is:
  1. An aging hippie
  2. Prefers long skirts
  3. Doesn't mind the grey streaks in her raven hair
  4. Drives an old VW camper
  5. Works as a bartender on occasion.
  6. Buys, sells and makes silver jewelry
  7. Has never married
  8. Has never had children
  9. Has no living relatives
  10. Took care of her mother through her final illness
  11. Has a reputation for being a "Death Angel"
  12. Questions authority
  13. Questions humanity
  14. Doesn't get along with other women, even though she has one night stands with them.
  15. Is something of a loner
  16. Smokes a lot of pot
  17. Drinks fairly heavily
  18. Lives in the house she was born in.
  19. Though she has traveled quite a bit, always returns to her Eastside Atlanta home.
  20. Never wears hose.

Over the last several years, she has acted as my muse.   I can look into a mirror and see her image dimly over my left shoulder, kind of like a guardian angel.  I hope she will remain with me forever.


  1. Thanks for letting us know more about who Kari is. It is nice to see this after last week's WeekendWritercize so I can get a deeper look into her!

  2. Excellent exercise A writer friend suggests we do this for all our "people" yes they are always with us - usually naggin for more time in stories lol

  3. i like kari. i seem to lean more towards her type of personality...

    1. She is sort of an Earth Mother that is so out of place in modern society.

  4. I like Kari. I'd be the exception to her not getting along with other women.

    1. She really is kind of a loner. She lives alone now that her mother has passed. The father faded away from the scene years ago. She doesn't really like gossip or fashion, so she doesn't think she has much in common with most girls.