Friday, February 24, 2012

Acela (Blogophilia 52.4)

Acela arrives at Grand Central
Shuffling off
Looking for the 6 train
Waiting to take him home.

Silver bullet appears. 
Magic doors open
Pulse inhales him in.

Drifting into a nap
Dreaming of
The unfriendly ferrets in DC.

Running like rabbits
At the first hint of trouble.
And nothing seen
Is as it seems.

Thoughts drift
To Oak Beach
The surf soothing his soul.

Reverie is shattered
By a detached female voice
“No Stop until Brooklyn.”


Wrong train again.


  1. :) Never had the experience of a commuter train but can imagine my mind wandering just like this! Laughed at the 'unfriendly ferrets in DC! Great write Christopher!

    Dave (nissmech)

  2. Loved how you incorporated the ferrets - yeah wrong train. When I lived there I used to fall asleep constantly and miss my stop so took the train back again Interested name -Acela

    1. The Acela is the high speed train from NYC to DC. For twice the price you get half the stops.

  3. Had he dreamt/dreamed nicely, it would have been worth riding the wrong train.

  4. Marvin Martian here! (finally)
    I once got on the wrong train to Clarksville, no one met me at the station...8 points Earthling! :)

  5. Running like rabbits and unfriendly ferrets! Great ideas in your blog this week.... Being on a train gives one a bird's eye view of the rat race we humans are in!

    1. Opps! This is Joanie...

    2. It does. I used to take the MARTA downtown when I was down there, and laugh at the people on the freeway.