Pit Pat WWG 1.20

 Pit. Pat. They don't know I slipped out of the garage. I saw the feeder from the window. It must be inspected. I look around the corner. Squirrel doesn't see me yet Let me crouch down One Two... Hey! I wanted to be the big hunter. Back into the house Next to my box Don't need to go. I guess I'll attack the catnip mouse. Squirrel would have been better.


Sitting on Daddy's lap  Holding the stick.  Eyes blinking against the smoke Red-orange fingers licking white sugar Slowly turning black Light brown squares on the table Waiting for molten goodness A tap on her arm Stick pulls back Squeeze squares together One Two  Three Blow Delicious

Job Interview Questions


Mrs. B (WWG 1.19)

The call came this morning Not unexpected Frail on a walker I knew it was near She was the one that told me Before the Crowbar Crows drank at home 50 years of love Of laughter Of tears Of loss Has come to an end Rest in Peace

Being Myself (WWG 1.18)

  Hair- Not combed. Tshirt and Jeans Diner food. Homemade blueberry ice cream Celebrating 37 years As the moon rises over my left shoulder It is me being myself. 

I forgot. (WWG 1.17)

 Hey, Chris. Did you remember this week's assignment? I forgot. There's the yellow sticky note there to remind you. I still forgot. Have you even looked? What did you expect to find? I don't know. I give up. 

Meteor (WWG 1.16)

 An American Flag extends in the storm's blast Nature's fireworks hide the falling stars. Some would take it as a sign. Coming on strong.