How Daddy became Cowboy (Blogophilia 14.47)

 Kathy and Emily are cleaning up the kitchen after supper.  "Mommy?"  "Yes, Sweetie." Kathy was struggling with some burnt-on grease on a fry pan. "Why do you call Daddy 'Cowboy'? Kathy stopped washing the dishes and looked out at her husband and son playing in the backyard. Little Charlie was riding circles around his Dad on a stick horse while he tried to reach the bridle. The memory made her smile. "It was a pet name I came up with when we first started dating." Kathy handed her daughter a dish to dry. "Like, 'Whoa, Cowboy' when he got too mushy? Emily smirked. Kathy laughed and splashed her daughter. She was too smart for her own good. "Yes. That IS where it came from."  "Thought so." Putting the dried dish on the counter. "How did it happen?" "We were sitting at the picnic table in Grandma's backyard." Kathy looked wistful as she thought back. "It was the week after his 14th  b

Carl Sagan (Blogophilia 14.46)

  Looking heavenward Alternating blinking lights Did E T phone home? I'm not much of a science fiction fan, but I did go through a short phase in college where I read Arthur C. Clarke, Heinlein, and Asimov. I spent time in Perlandra and Dune. Even did Watership Down and The Clan of the Cave Bear series. I appreciated their efforts to get me to think of what was beyond the veil. But in the end, I'm too much of a realist to suspend my belief in theories that, at least at the moment, have no basis in the real world.  I eventually came around to Carl Sagan.  He was one of few people who could communicate both what could be and what truly is (at least at the moment). The balance of skepticism and wonder rolled through his writing, whether it was Cosmos or about this family life. There is an essential hope to draw from there.  I hope I passed that on to my kids. 

Who Am I? (Blogophilia 14.45)

 It's Saturday and I'm Another Government Employee. Or am I Marty Mammon in his office? Kari Summers at Micchu Pichu? Harry Handy? A little girl named Emily? Or just an American Idiot? You decide. I'm having hard time, myself in this crazy world.  There are so many things bad, it is hard to stay positive. So I hide in my characters. It is as good of a way as any to respond to the constant barrage of crap thrown my way. 

No home (Blogophilia 14.44)

Salted rim Bitter fruit There should be two But only one in front of me Stood up again Hung out to dry By the paper in front of me.  Dark screen Glows bright Attorney call Second paper doubles down On the first. I have no home.

Riverbank (Blogophilia 14.43)

Reveille sounded across base.  Mike drug himself out of his bunk and blindly put on fatigues.  It was a short day, only PT this morning , then on leave until Monday. Sarge's  voice droned as he went through the routine:  50 pushups, 50 crunches, Jumping Jacks. Thoughts of Susan,  the girl he met the other day at the NCO were drifting in his head. Long brown hair and sweet smell filled his mind. She stayed in a dorm at the local college. Not only had he gotten her number, she had agreed to a picnic.  Mike's mind wasn't on task as he stumbled through the obstacle course. There was a scream in his ear.He shrugged it off. He was just another GI trying to get through this assignment and on to the next one.  An hour and a half later, he was done and headed towards the barracks. A quick shower and change into civvies. With a wave to the guard, he pointed the Mini into town. He drove up to the parking gate.The guard looked at him warilyas he buzzed him through. A shudder of anticip

Parade (Blogophilia 14.41)

  They pile in from church In ill-fitting suits and chartreuse dresses Wanting to get into their Easter baskets Grandma says no,  Supper first And change out of the nice stuff We know you're getting messy Play clothes donned Ham and green beans eaten Out on the porch The trading starts. Emmy likes peeps Charlie likes bunnies Daddy feeds Mommy malt eggs When Grandma comes back  Everyone is asleep It's been a good day.