Sleepless (Blogophilia 28.13)

The parking lot was dark as he went across it. He heard the roar of the plane as it approached. It sounded like one he'd heard when he was in the military, a bomber. Looming over the roof of the building, the thing turned and dove toward the ground. There was no shockwave on impact, which struck him as strange. Just silence. The fire began under what was left of the nose. It grew exponentially. There was fire, but no heat. The others around him seemed unaffected, more spectators to the wreckage. He sat in wonder...
Jimmy's eyes popped open. The same dream every night. Had been since the shop closed. The bedroom was dark except for the slit in the middle of the curtain. The sound of Kathy's quiet snoring beside him was both soothing and disturbing.  He looked at the clock. 4:16. He knew sleep was gone for the rest of the night. Stay here or get up? He already knew the answer. With a practiced twist, his feet touched lightly and he made his way to the bathroom. He winced at t…

Nob Hill (Blogophilia 27.13)

"Breathe Deep, the gathering gloom..."
5:00 AM. I never had to look. 94-Q always played it the same time Sunday morning. Like Pavlov's dog, the gong seemed to give me energy. The poem matched my mood this morning. The paper drop had been late and I was at least a half-hour behind getting things done. It was humid and I was already sweating.
I chug my old car into the open space and shut off the motor. Sunday sunrise wasn't for another hour, but noise didn't matter at Nob Hill. It was the pinnacle of the Swinging Singles lifestyle. 425 units done in a faux Mediterranean style, spread over 16 wooded acres. The parties had made it the place for up and coming image-makers. They were the Young Americans. The parking lot showed what was important, Morgans, Jags, and Mercedes. The only thing it didn't have on its main rival, Riverbend, was a river. 
For a sixteen-year-old kid, it was paradise. 
Buildings 10 and 11, by the small pool, had 18 customers and the craziest r…

After Hours (Blogophilia 26.13)

"The baby finally down?""Yeah, What'cha looking at?""Some weird video." "Most of YouTube is weird. How weird are we talking about?" "A condition called Cotard's Syndrome.""Cotard's what?""Syndrome. As far as I can tell. This guy, Cotard, woke up one day and thought he had died, even though he was quite alive.""Say what?""I thought the same thing. Maybe he wasn't happy with who he was?""I was told you have to be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." "I think he wanted attention, like an actress who poses with dinosaurs for a movie.""Or the fact your fly is open?""Oops." "That's OK. The kids are asleep and I like the view.""Rrrarwww!"
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Mass of Men (Blogophilia 25.13)

The mass of men lead Lives of quiet desperationThey rise in the morningWork or notInteract or notComplain it isThe longest day
They rage to the LordOver a lot with no controlNot knowing whetherThey matter or notHe cares or notAssuming the bestFearing the worst
And in when it is all overThey look to the heavensFor one last timeIs it true or notIs it light or notIt is not the worstIt truly is the best. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Topic-Michele Marko King
Pic Christine Wichman
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Back in the Office. (Blogophilia 24.13)

Marty comes into the office after a couple of days at Lake of the Fires. On his desk in a note from Beezelbub. He needs the 144-K numbers yesterday. It's nice to be wanted. He pulls the ash covered laptop and powers up...then sigs. 225 new messages, mostly spam. That's all it was good for these days. Everything truly business-related went to Slack or Skype. Quickly scanning the subject lines, he marks them for deletion ten at a time. He would have selected all, but the last time he did he missed a meeting invite disguised as a dating site.On his third set, one caught his attention" "It Could Have Been YOU!, highlighted in yellow" Ooh. Clickbait. Probably some diamond level multilevel market guru on our payroll revealing the secret to wealth. Yeah, I'm already there. Not interested. He clicked the deletion box. It wouldn't stay clicked. Instead, a pop-up box said he must open it. Oh, great. Malware. I wonder how that got over the firewall.  It was going t…

Harry Raps

Hey, heidy and howdy! It's your old friend Harry Handy. You probably have wondered what the hell happened to me all these years. Well, it seems when you run an internet radio blog from the great beyond, you get in trouble with the corporate rights holders to the music. I've been silenced by the Borg. UMG music group took over WOFT. But that's OK. Talk Radio is still good. I mean Stern has milked this format for years. And the political hacks...But I digress.I've missed all you Geritol guys and gals. Under the terms of my, I can't link music anymore. What's that you say? "Harry, what's the point of a radio blog if you can't play music?" It's a way to still stick to the man. This is do or die.What I am going to do is describe some of the things I wish I could link. Like the Finnish Rap Group "Cheers for Beers." It's a crappy four-channel animation with the typical theme of getting the girl in bed (prefer…