Ode to Joy Rewrite (Blogophilia 49.12)

The red convertible’s big V-8 roared down the Turnpike. The needle was inching near 100 with the joyous sounds of Beethoven blasting into the darkness. Trashcoast Parkway was fading into the rearview on this starry, starry night. The El Dorado was a congratulation present for me, a land yacht befitting a successful guy. And the polar opposite of the black Benz I’d been riding in. That was important. No more Mickey, the lifelong dream to stick it to the man had borne fruit.
I had perfected a scam, selling vulnerable women the latest super anti-aging cream. The website was a fake, though. A perfect clone of the product original where I gathered more information than their Experian account. The individual accounts were useless to my scam. Sure, there were several million dollars over the thousands of accounts that could have easily converted with no trace. That was chump change, though. I stacked a backtrace virus inside the orders. During another scam, I had found a way to skim fractiona…

The Phone Call (Blogophilia 48.12)

Rrrring Willkomen, Bienvenue and Welcome. This is Devil’s Quill Communications, the finest in Human Quality Control. My name is M.C. How may I help you? Oh, you like the Caberet reference, Mr. Bowles? I’m so glad. Yes, I have your records on my screen now. It says your wife is named Sally and she left you for a writer. We have our sources, Sir. Did we make disease and can we transfer it to Sally? I’m afraid not, Sir. This is intake and we don’t handle those types of requests. If you like, I can transfer you to our Get Even division when we finish. Maybe they could make her a Stripper or something. Cross checking her records, she would make a good show. You want to join our organization as a Convincer? We don’t get direct requests like this often. How did you hear about us? Oh, yes. Jim Baaker IS one of our best sponsors. I’m so glad for the feedback. Yes, it was sad about Tammy Faye, but she got the promotion she was looking for. Back to your original request, may I ask what you…

Breakup (Blogophilia 45.12)

Jive talkin’, wearing a disguise It is all you know You left your real self behind long ago. Like lavender in a bathroom Covering the smell of deceit And serve Chamomile tea To calm my nerves You ask me to trust But no more. I only verify your lies.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Dave Coon Pic: Angel, death, lovers, winged serpent, alabaster, marble

A Blatant, Shamless Plug

Recently, I submitted a story to an anthology and, lo and behold, IT GOT ACCEPTED!!

So, as bit of marketing, hit the link and give the publishers some love. I have to admit, it is a fun read.

Heat The Grease.

Sleepless (Blogophilia 44.12)

A dream of a party Revisiting the past Of those who made me and passed away
Sitting in bed Scratching my head Forty years? Sleep is no more.
I walk out to the bluff Neapolitan clouds signal The dawn of the new day
Do I go back on the chain gang? Or relish my freedom? Either way, the storm would still catch me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Tyler Myrth Pic-Jay Sole Pic guesses: Bluff (in blog), Cliff, drop off, shear, sandstone, should I?, end of the road

Quickie (Blogophilia 43.12)

The models cavorted under the starry, starry night Instagram perfect in their virginal white taffeta Snowbound in an old, obvious lie The marketing image designed As distraction to the world I'm just a simple man, I fine them a little hard to understand The postmodern girls ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Topic-Dahlia Ramone Pic-David Schrader Pic guesses: Nebula, galaxy, starlight, starry night, new moon, dark before the dawn

Skillet Blackberry Pie

I'm going to have to try this one.

Jus' Sayin